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What we offer:


  • Quick Response (some issues need immediate

                               attention, other issues depend

                               upon homeowner availability

                               and input)


  • Experience (from foundation to roof, we have

                        done it all)


  • Follow Up (ascertain the problem, get the right

                      people to fix it, then go behind and

                      check that it was done correctly)

                      e.g., a water leak?  make sure that

                           the water intrusion has indeed

                           been stopped   




  • Verification (confirm that the routine

                        maintenance is being performed)


  • Proactive     (survey the property after

      Inspection     heavy storms looking for downed

                           limbs, roof damage,

                           and debris)


  • Accounting   (fee collection, tracking property

                          repair histories, in-depth

                          budget analysis, and bidding out

                          selected services to save money)

                           e.g., HOA insurance

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