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  At Adkins Property Management, we understand that your home is likely one of the largest

investments you have made, as well as the most important.  Therefore, we are committed to not

only maintaining the properties we manage, but improving them as well.  We believe that

implementing proactive maintenance programs and an unwavering attention to detail are the keys

to success.


  Unlike most other property management companies that are focused solely in the office,

we prefer a more hands-on approach.  We consider meeting with contractors onsite to assess

needed repairs a more efficient and cost effective way to manage.  Some of the biggest complaints

we hear about previous property managers are homeowners having to deal with disinterested staff

and long delays in addressing needs--if they are ever addressed.


  The following is a summary of some of the services that we provide:


  •   Serve as the main contact for concerns relative to the Association and common areas

  •   Oversee common area maintenance, landscaping, and building / common area repairs as

        approved by the board

  •   Only hire vendors that are licensed and insured to protect clients and their properties

  •   Inspect the property and common area to ensure compliance with covenants and rules of

        the community

  •   Attend all board meetings and functions

  •   Collect homeowner assessments, including any collection actions needed

  •   Maintain finances and associated records


  In our experience, communication is central to maintaining the respect and trust of the

homeowner.  We strive to be a company that makes you feel like you are our only client.  Our

commitment to personalized service is what sets us apart from other office-oriented and seemingly

distant management companies.  We would appreciate an opportunity to sit down with you and

see how we can help your association meet its needs and goals.


Respectfully yours,


Mike Adkins


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